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On the Port Albert Jetty

Port Albert, VIC 3971

Phone: 03 5183 2007

Email: wildfish@outlook.com.au

The Wildfish Seafood Restaurant

Wine & Beverage List

Opening Hours

Thursday to Sunday

12.00pm to 2.00pm & 6.00pm to 8.00pm

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday


Open all public holidays excluding Christmas Day.

Please note: We will close on Monday July 24th and reopen on Thursday 31st August



Whites  GlassBottle
Pauletts TrillionsSparklingPolish Hill River SA$8.50$38.00
Narkoojee Sparkling Harriot 2015Sparkling Glengarry VIC $40.00
Lightfoot & Sons 2010SparklingGippsland VIC $55.00
Herbivore 2016Sauvignon BlancGoulburn Valley VIC$7.50$30.00
Squealing Pig 2016Sauvignon BlancMarlborough NZ $40.00
Wild Dog 2016RieslingWarragul VIC$8.50$38.00
Gallagher 2014RieslingCanberra ACT $39.00
Narkoojee Lilly Grace 2016ChardonnayGlengarry VIC$9.00$39.00
Lighfoot & Sons 2016Chardonnay Gippsland VIC $45.00
Ingram Road 2016Pinot GrigioYarra Valley VIC  $39.00
Blue Gables MoscatoMaffra VIC$7.00$28.00
La Vue 2016Grenache RoseSwan Hill VIC $33.00
Whites  GlassBottle
Carnivore 2014ShirazGoulburn Valley$7.50$30.00
Pirramimma 2014ShirazMcLaren Vale SA $37.00
Wild Dog 2016Merlot Warragul VIC$8.50$38.00
Narkoojee 2015Cabernet Sauvignon Glengarry VIC $45.00
Sarsfield 2011Cab/Shiraz/MerlotGippsland VIC $39.00
Windy Peak 2016Pinot NoirYarra Valley VIC$7.00$28.00
Sarsfield 2013Pinot NoirGippsland VIC $41.00



Cascade Light $5.50 Coopers Pale Ale/Sparkling $7.00
Carlton Dry $6.00 Peroni$7.00
Victoria Bitter $6.00 Little Creatures $7.00
Great Northern $5.50 Corona $7.00
Pure Blond $6.50 Asahi $7.00
Crown Lager $6.50 Guiness $7.00
James Boags $6.50 Somersby Cider $6.50
   Strongbow Clear Cider $6.50



coffee tea 
cappuccino $4.00english breakfast$3.50
latte$4.00 supreme earl grey$3.50
flat white$4.00chamomile$3.50
long black$4.00lemongrass & ginger$3.50
short macchiato$4.00fruits of eden$3.50
long macchiato$4.00green tea$3.50
hot chocolate $4.00  
chai latte $4.50  
iced coffee$6.50  
refreshing drinks   
lemon, lime & bitters $3.80orange juice$3.50
lemon squash $3.50pineapple juice$3.50
lime & soda $3.50apple juice$3.50
lemonade $3.50tomato juice$3.50
coke $3.50  
diet coke $3.50milkshakes $6.00
raspberry$3.50      chocolate 
mineral water $3.50     strawberry 
ginger beer $3.50     blue heaven  
something different  
espresso coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with limoncello $12.00
Irish coffee espresso coffee with frothed milk infused with your choice of Baileys or Irish whiskey and cream $12.00
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